Allied Custom Upholsterers was founded in 1971 by a collaborative of eight leading tradespeople.


Allied Custom Upholsterers began 47 years ago when Breuner's decided that it would be better not to have their own custom labor shops. They gave the upholsterers the chance to set themselves up as an independent shop that Breuner's would then contract their work. The eight upholsterers and seamstress did just that; forming a corporation made up of craftspeople whose mission was and continues to be to provide high quality workmanship using the finest materials available. Today, there are twelve of us who make up Allied Custom Upholsterers and we have a combined experience of over 300 years.


We encourage each upholsterer to take their time

We want them to work to the best of their ability and take pride in their work. We have never allowed piece work (which means the upholsterer is paid by the piece, encouraging speed and not necessarily quality). We have one craftsman who does all the cutting of the fabrics, compulsively matching patterns. One upholsterer who specializes in hand-tufting and one who does all the finishing, such as Chicago pleating, double welting and nail trim. Our gifted seamstresses have over 30 years experience and together we are able to restore pieces to what we proudly believe to be often better than original.


The Allied Upholstery Team

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Hours: M-F 8:30am - 4:30pm

Office: (916) 922-1838

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2114 Acoma St.

Sacramento, CA, 95815


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Thank you for considering Allied Custom Upholstery for your upholstery project. We are excited about the opportunity to work with you. We try very hard to be personable and meet the individual needs of our clients and at the same time be professional, meeting deadlines on a daily basis. In home estimates are available for a consultation fee. 

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